Forklift Accessories

At Northstar Forklift, we have a large selection of forklift accessories for all your forklift needs. Our forklift accessories include: fork extensions, forklift forks, forklift seats, forklift sideshifts, forklift rotators, forklift batteries with full warranties (and we’ll even install them for you!), forklift battery chargers, and both aluminum and steel propane tanks that can be either horizontally or vertically mounted. 

Forklift Extensions

Forklift Seats

Forklift Forks

Forklift Rotators

Forklift Batteries

Forklift Battery Chargers

Forklift Sideshifts

Northstar Forklift BatteriesReconditioned and New Forklift Batteries and Brand New Forklift Battery Chargers Wholesale

North Star forklift now has covered for all your battery needs:

  • Lease to own brand new batteries
  • Lease to own reconditioned batteries 2 year warranty
  • Repair and refurbish your battery
  • We do installations of batteries upon purchase!