DYNAPULSE (TM) Battery Recovery Systems



In recent years some end users have opted out of maintaining their own forklift batteries. Keeping batteries free of sulfation, is almost impossible. Time constraints and energy demands are constantly increasing in order to keep up with streamlined productivity. Time and labor costs are too high to keep lift trucks off the line while their battery chargers attempt to equalize each cell. Fortunately, this very issue forced open the door for the release of the military proven technology that allows batteries to last longer and work better without all the extra time, effort and associated costs.

Northstar Forklift is now offering Dynapulse™ to recover and maintain batteries. The Dynapulse™ allows batteries to recover faster and work better. It works fast and costs very little in comparison to the price of replacing a forklift with a new battery.

The Dynapulse™ V2 battery recovery conditioner is also making its way to the center of the stage by reviving 12 and 24 volt battery applications that conventional recovery methods are not able to accomplish. The latest Dynapulse™ V2 model is the coveted Dynapulse™ V2 for 36/48 volt battery applications. This new arrival is turning heads and winning expedited approvals from 100 million dollar companies.

The US military is also a very large benefactor of the technology through the military model, called the AC25C conditioner. Power Products Inc., designed and developed this model specifically for them and they in turn have saved millions of dollars that would have been spent on labor and new battery replacement costs. The impact to the environment and their cost savings were so significantly reduced, that the AC25C conditioner was approved and inserted into the NAVAIR Bad Manual. It is currently the only unit of its kind listed there and is recommended for recovering sulfated batteries throughout the US fleet.