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Used Forklifts

North Star Forklift is the Vancouver and the Lower Mainland home of all your needs for used forklifts. We have all makes and models from propane forklifts, electric forklifts, pallet jacks and so much more. If you need a short or long term rental or need to purchase with or without financing North Star Forklift has the forklift for you. Call Roger today at 604-671-0430 Used Forklifts Vancouver


Forklift batteries are heavy duty industrial batteries, sometimes called traction batteries, usually made up of high amp hour 2 volt lead acid cells assembled (series) in a case in quantities to add up to the forklift operating voltage, be it 12 volt, 24 volt, 36 volt, 48 volt or 72 volt. Most are 36 or 48 volt. There are some forklifts that use or have been converted to multiple traditional lead acid batteries like 4D, 8D, or even deep cycle marine batteries like Group 31 units.
Because of the construction of forklift batteries, they have certain characteristics differing from regular (smaller) lead acid batteries. Lifespan of lead acid batteries is directly related to the thickness of the positive plates, the thicker the better for deep cycling life. This is why 6 volt golf cart batteries (thick plates) will last longer than the same amp hour pack made up of 12 volt batteries. Automotive battery plates are about .040 inch thick, while a golt cart battery will be about .070 to .100 inch thick. Forklift batteries ordinarily are .250 inch or thicker, and use lead-antimony for plate material. This material increases plate life, but increases water loss and gassing, so proper maintenance is mandatory for good battery life. Water levels should never be allowed to drop below the top of the plates. Rapid sulfation can occur, which decreases battery capacity and eventually life.

A lot of traditional lead acid batteries of 250 amp hours and under (deep cycle marine, etc.), are recommended to be charged at a level of .1C, which is 10% of battery amp hour capacity. Some batteries have this printed right on them. For example, .1C of a 100 amp hour battery is .1 x 100 = 10 amp charge rate. Forklift battery chargers are usually sized at .14C to .20C, or 14% to 20% of battery amp hour capacity. It is important to know the ah rating of your battery, if you aren’t replacing an existing charger, or to check if the existing charger is sized correctly. You can go a little larger in the charger sizing, but risk overcharging the battery and decreasing its life if you go too large. You can undersize a little, but going too small risks undercharging the battery, and not stirring the battery chemistry sufficiently, not to mention working the charger harder than necessary. Forklift battery cells (and UPS backup type 2 volt cells) are taller than regular lead acid batteries, and the electrolyte can stratify over time, with different concentrations of acid at different levels. A good, properly sized charger deals with this, during the charge cycle, and with an equalizing cycle. Remember, a forklift battery costs more than a proper charger, particularly the PBM units we carry.

Most forklift batteries are designed for 1500 cycles or more, a cycle being defined as discharged 80% (20% charge left in the battery). A complete discharge/charge cycle every day (5 days a week) works out to a little more than 5 years. Forklifts that are not used to this degree (a lot aren’t) and are properly charged/maintained can see 15 years or more battery life. Forklift batteries used in solar setups or similar applications where the depth of discharge is not as severe can last 25 years or more. While some recommend waiting until a forklift battery is discharged 80% before recharging, there are others who believe the less deep the discharge, the more cycles to be expected. We fall into this category, especially using a microprocessor controlled charger like these PBM units, charging at 50% or so, or at least once a week for infrequently used lifts.
Forklift batteries should never be completely discharged (basically the lift won’t move). They should be charged while there still is 20% charge or higher left in the battery. Deep discharge can damage the battery and/or some forklift electrical components including the motor. Some chargers look for a specific battery voltage before they initiate a charge cycle (to be sure they are hooked to a battery), and a deep discharge may drop battery voltage below this threshhold, so the charger won’t work, requiring a service call. The battery may not take a full charge after this, and sulfate due to incomplete charge cycles.
Lead acid battery discharge is not a linear function, from nominal battery voltage (i.e. 36 volts) to zero. To put battery voltage versus charge state in perspective – a healthy, fully charged 12 volt lead acid battery will be 12.7 to 12.8 volts (high performance batteries even higher). At 11.9 volts, a 12 volt battery is effectively discharged. You can pull them lower than this (not much useable power), or if not charged they will continue to drop voltage, but this is where damage occurs. An 80% discharged battery (12 volt) measures about 12.0 volts. Multiply these numbers by 2, 3, or 4 for 24, 36 or 48 volt forklift batteries.

Forklift Rental Vancouver – Low Rates & Quick Delivery

Fork LiftWhether you are looking for the flexibility to rent forklift for a day, week, month or year, North Star Forklift offers the largest variety of  material handling, and construction equipment in the Vancouver, Lower Mainland. We offer extremely low rates and quick delivery anywhere in the Vancouver Area. Call Roger Today.


North Star Forklift has new in stock two great Mitsibishi forklifts! Hurry in or phone Roger at 604-671-0430 as these units will go fast

Used Forklift Burnaby

What to look for in used forklifts in Burnaby. here is a list of some different types of forklifts that you can purchase at North Star Forkliftsall-forklifts


Stackers are indoor forklifts powered by batteries and generally used in a warehouse setting for low height, short distance moves. Capable of lifting between 1,000 – 4,000 lbs, this forklift is counter balanced in the legs.

Pneumatic tire forklifts have outdoor utility, max lift capacity of 120,000 lbs, larger in size than cushion tire forklifts & powered by LP, gas, or diesel. Cushion Tire forklifts have soft tires making them ideal for indoor use. Powered by battery, LP, gas or diesel & have a max lift capacity of 90,000 lbs.

Pallet jacks are low-lift units generally used indoors. Manual or powered by electric. Max lift capacity of 5,000 lbs. Hard tires & 4-foot long forks. Hand controls allow you to lower and raise the forks.


North Star Forklift carries a full inventory of rental lifts so that there is little to no downtime. Time is money! So take the worry out of your fork lift service and let us keep you running.

Used Forklifts

forklift leasing vancouverThe fundamental issue is that there are significant savings that are possible with a used forklift. For example, purchasing a brand new, electric warehouse forklift with standard capacity will run in today’s market about $15,000-$25,000. Add to this the $2,000 to $5,000 needed to purchase a battery and its charger. Finding a similar IC (internal combustion) forklift will run from $15,000 to $30,000. Either forklift can run much more based on how it is configured and its lift capacity.

Compare this to the cost of buying a well refurbished used electric forklift with a 3,000 pound capacity will cost between $5,000 and $10,000. A used IC forklift with a 5,000 pound capacity will run in today’s market from $10,000 to $15,000 or a 30% to 50% savings.

Advantages of Electric Forklifts

NissanForklift manufacturers have made substantial improvements to all models in recent years from diesel, propane, gasoline and electric. Each forklift type has definite advantages and should be used in the proper setting to ensure safety and longevity, and multiple forklift types will be required for larger operations with indoor and outdoor jobs that require lifting large loads. Electric forklifts fill a very distinct (and expanding) niche for warehouses and companies up and down the supply chain who are looking to avoid a loud, dirty environment that is often associated with industrial equipment. Electric forklift owners realize significant advantages in the areas of cost, operation and maintenance. Indoor use is essential for the electric forklift because the clean, dry environment is best for the battery and other systems on-board. 

Forklift Rentals

Senior mechanic hooking up the batteries of a forklift inside aIn the ever changing business environment, sometimes the best option for a short-term need is a short-term solution. With a full line rental fleet from 2,000 lb. to 10,000 lb. capacity and an inventory  North Star Forklift has the LP gas, cushion or pneumatic, electric sit-downs and stand-ups, reach trucks, order selectors, and electric pallet jacks in all capacities. Discover today how North Star Forklift of Vancouver can meet your rental equipment needs.

Forklifts Surrey British Columbia

Crown  RC Stand-Up North Star Forklift has one of the largest selection of used forklifts in the Surrey area. We have all types of forklifts to meet your needs from: propane, electric, gas, stand up, pallet and more. Come see us at North Star Forklifts Surrey BC and rent, lease or buy today.

Forklift Information – Used Forklift

Forklift Types

Forklift Types

What is a Forklift?

Sometimes called a forklift truck, the forklift is a powerful industrial truck that is used to lift and transport material by steel forks that are inserted under the load.  Forklifts are commonly used to move loads and equipment that is stored on pallets,  developed in 1920, and has since become a valuable piece of equipment in many manufacturing and warehousing operations.

Forklift Types

The most common type of design with forklifts is the counter balance.  Other types of designs include the reach truck and side loader, both of which are used in environments where the space is at a minimum.

Forklift Control and Capability

Forklifts are available in many types and different load capacities.  In the average warehouse setting, most forklifts have load capacities of around five tons.

Along with the control to raise and lower the forks, you can also tilt the mast to compensate for the tendency of the load to angle the blades towards the ground and risk slipping it off the forks.  The tilt will also provide a limited ability to operate on ground that isn’t level.

There are some variations that allow you to move the forks and backrest laterally, which allows easier placement of a load.  In addition to this,there are some machines that offer hydraulic control to move the forks together or further apart, which removes the need for you to get out of the cab to manually adjust for a different size load.

Another forklift variation that is sometimes used in manufacturing facilities, will utilize forklifts with a clamp attachment that you can open and close around a load, instead of having to use forks.  Products such as boxes, cartons, etc., can be moved with the clamp attachment.


Forklift Batteries

Northstar Forklifts is your shop for all your forklift battery needs. Northstar Forklift is now offering Dynapulse™ to recover and maintain batteries. The Dynapulse™ allows batteries to recover faster and work better. It works fast and costs very little in comparison to the price of replacing a forklift with a new battery.Forklift Batteries

New Inventory of Used Forklifts Lower Mainland

all-forkliftsNorth Star Forklift just received a container of high quality used forklifts with brands like, Crown, Toyota, Nissan and Raymond. we at North Star Forklift can service all your warehouse and job site forklift needs with, electric, propane, pallet jacks and stand-up forklifts. We at North Star Forklift can deliver to your destination and can set you up with a rental or financing. Call Roger today 604-671-0423.

Big Joe Pallet Racks

E 30 "eTRUCK" Electric Pallet TruckNorth Star Forklifts has just received some great pallet jacks for all your warehouse needs. Big Joe pallet racks 3,000lb capacity fully electric pallet truck provides a level of economy and performance that make it the best value in the industry. This inventory of Big Joe Pallet Racks is sure to go fast so call Roger today 604-671-0430

Forklifts Vancouver

North Star Forklift is pleased to service Vancouver with forklift rentals, sales and leasing. we have a large selection of used forklifts for any job, from electric, LPG, stand-up, pallet jacks and much much more. Call roger to come in a see this great selection of used forklifts today ……new inventory arriving everydayHYSTER-S55FTS

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